200 hour certified yoga teacher


Become an Akasha Yoga™ Certified Teacher

  • Are you looking to expand + elevate your yoga teaching?

  • Are you looking for a unique way to offer healing + guidance  to the world?

  • Do you want to elevate yourself?

  • Do you want to learn how to connect to the divinity within and guide others to do the same?

Here's your chance!

Certification details:

45-hour certification + 2 electives

Which includes:

  • 8-hours of class time

  • 37-hours of core curriculum (3 required dates)

  • 2 Electives of your choice


Program cost + dates:

  • $1238

The dates for the winter program will be as follows:

  • Saturday, November 05 9am to 5pm*

  • Saturday, November 19 9am to 4pm

  • Wednesday, December 7 5:30 to 8:30pm

  • Saturday, December 17 9am to 5pm*

  • Saturday, January 14 9am to 5pm*

  • Plus 2 elective credits (dates and certifications selected by the student)

  • Plus 8 class hours

*3 Required dates

The other two dates can be made up at a different time but every effort should be made to attend these dates as well



Core curriculum:

  • Introduction to Akasha Yoga

  • Introduction to the Eight Fields

  • Individual, in-depth sessions on each of the Eight Fields

  • Individual, in-depth sessions on each of the Three Intentions (class styles)

  • Sequencing for classes

  • Introduction to Vibration

  • Akashic Records Level One certification


Class time Requirements:

8 total hours

  • 6 hours as a student

  • 1 hour of assisting

  • 1 hour as a lead teacher


2 Elective Credits (you pick any 2 credits):

  • 1 credit: Meditation + Mindfulness Certification (5.5 hours)

  • 1 credit: Restorative Yoga Certification (7 hours)

  • 1 credit: Reiki Level One Certification (5.5 hours)

  • 1 credit: Reiki Level Two Certification (6 hours)

  • 1 credit: Animal Reiki (4.5 hours)

  • 1 credit: iHeal Trauma Foundations Through the Koshas (6 hours)

  • 1 credit: Sound Balancing with Tuning Forks (4 hours)

  • 2 credits: Positive Psychology Certification (10 hours)

  • 2 credits: Sound Therapy Certification (4.5 hours)

  • 2 credits: Akashic Records Level Two Certification (7 hours)

  • 2 credits: Intro to Reiki plus Animal Reiki (6 hours)

**Electives are selected by student and enrolled on their desired date



You must apply online to be considered for this Akasha Yoga Teacher Training.

  • Applications will be accepted until October 24th

  • The journey begins November 5th



If you are not local, overnight accommodations are available at our Education + Wellness Center at our Kent campus. This would be at a minimal cost to you. Inquire about these accommodations at


We are aware that you might have lots of questions about this style of yoga and you are probably curious about how it is unique!

You probably also want to experience it before applying.

We get it!

We want you to experience it too!

Before being accepted we ask that every applicant takes at least one Akahsa Yoga class to make sure it resonates with them. 

Classes page for details.

Also, if you have questions, click the free consult button below and schedule your 30-minute consultation with Cortney to learn more.


Support and preserve the Akasha Yoga™ name, methodology and brand by signing our License Agreement and receive your certificate.



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