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As humans, we work so hard to try to effort ourselves out of problems, to find answers. We get ourselves into all sorts of binds and struggle to find solutions. We endure situations that we are not enjoying and try to think our way out of them.


But the higher truth is we can’t think our way out of anything unless we are aligned and balanced. Akasha Yoga is a catalyst to connect you to that which you are seeking: answers, solutions, alignment, joy, clarity, worthiness, healing, love.


During an Akasha Yoga™ class, we explore tapping into this energy field for the purpose of three intentions: inquiry, imprint and integration. During practice eight fields are used: sacred prayer, guided meditation, asanas, chanting, sound, breath, reflection, foundational truths.

One could say that the ultimate purpose of practicing Akasha Yoga is to come into alignment to receive the ancient wisdom and perceive the world from a broader, eternal perspective.

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