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Explore. Align. Repeat. Cropped Tank


A mantra that we use in Akasha Yoga is Explore, Align, Repeat as a way to remember what the ultimate goal of this practice is about.



Akasha Yoga allows us to explore the energy field of the primary substance – Akasha - a Sanskrit word for ethers. During practice, 8 Fields are explored: sacred prayer, guided meditation, asanas, chanting, sound, breath, reflection, foundational truths.


We humans live within a paradox. There are two aspects to us - the nonphysical us and the human us. When the human us is aligned with the nonphysical us we have access to all of our potentials. We have access to the divine wisdom, the power to create and unlimited resources to grow and expand. Our emotions are an indication of the gap between our two worlds. When there is no gap, we are in harmony and feel the love, peace and joy that all humans crave.


With consistent, deliberate practices you begin to raise your energetic set-point. When you do this, you are more often in a place where you have access to the divine, eternal wisdom.


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Explore Align Repeat Tank

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