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Founder of Akasha Yoga™

Cortney  has served clients + students for over a decade and has worked with thousands of diverse people. Her desire is to share the way in which energy works within the body and to empower clients to become their own best healer.  

Cortney is the owner of an Education + Wellness Center  where she spends most of her time offering wellness certifications, private sessions and support to her community.


Cortney’s classes can be summed up in two words: love + empowerment. Cortney's personal stories, authenticity, playfulness and creativity are hallmarks of her teaching style. She also has a knack of taking complex concepts and explaining them in an easily understandable way. 

home studio: Shine, Kent campus
favorite pose: Seated vortex
favorite intention: Integration



I finally was able to take a class with Cortney and was star struck! I left the class feeling the best and oh so grounded!

Cortney is a true light in the community…Her classes are thorough, and her sessions are pure magic.

Intuitive, nurturing, and full of love is how I would describe Cortney and the work she is doing.

I am so thankful to have met Cortney, as she’s helped bring so much peace into my life!

Aside from being a gifted practitioner and thoughtful teacher, Cortney is one of if not the most, positive, inspiring, and uplifting people that I’ve had the good fortune to know.

As a teacher, it’s clear that Cortney is genuinely passionate, and she presents her classes in a way that are approachable, accessible and engaging.

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